2018 CSJP Agencies:



"Absolutely amazing program! This is so helpful to the nonprofit community in Dallas and to college students looking for a great experience to grow their network and skills."
-Chay, University of Oklahoma

"The experiences that I gained are invaluable! I truly felt like I was making a difference at my nonprofit. My supervisor and I worked great together, and I hope to be able to look up to him as a mentor for many years to come!"
-Abbey, University of Missouri

"I am incredibly lucky to have been selected for this role, and I have learned so much in a summer that has flown by too quickly."
-Alvaro, Indiana University

"I had an amazing experience this summer that exceeded my expectations and really opened my eyes to the ins and outs of nonprofits. My supervisors were warm, helpful and welcomed my questions with open arms! This internship just confirmed my aspirations of working in the nonprofit field and really was the job of my dreams."
-Amanda, Sam Houston State University

"This has been one of the best experiences of my life in terms of knowing the route of my future career. I have been able to network and personally get to know several individuals that have inspired me to follow my career interest."
-Samantha, University of Texas at Dallas


"We love our interns every year, and the applicants keep getting stronger! This internship serves a real purpose in our agency and does real work. We could not be more thankful for this opportunity to get fresh ideas, some work supported by ExxonMobil, and a chance to train a future nonprofit professional!
-Amanda, ChildCareGroup

"I can summarize the experience in one word: exceptional. We are very pleased with the intern and the program as a whole."
-Bill, New Friends New Life

"This program is so helpful for students. I feel like our intern learned a lot this summer, but so did our staff. It's always great to have a young person in the office to keep you up to date and to be able to see things through a different set of eyes - a new and fresh perspective!"
-Victoria, Community Partners of Dallas

"We love ExxonMobil CSJP! The interns are always a huge help with all of our summer programming."
-Andrea, Creative Arts Center of Dallas

"Thank you all for this incredible program, for being organized and for leading the supervisors and interns well through the whole process. We appreciate the continued feeling of being supported and cared for as supervisors of the program."
-Sara, Family Compass